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Our Story

Vintas was first conceptualised in 2016. What began as an interest in wine investing amongst friends resulted in us learning and understanding the rich history in wine making and the value of wines from all around the world. Unfortunately, we did not enjoy the wines as much as we hoped to because of the taste. Speaking to friends around us, this was a common opinion as well.


Then, we had an idea to create something different for the wine industry; replacing the main ingredient of wine from grape to blueberry. The idea of replacing grapes with blueberries led us to discovering wineries at obscure locations; at colder regions that harvest blueberries to produce blueberry wine.


After much meetings and discussions, we partnered with a winery in Michigan, USA to create our very own blend of blueberry wine that is sweeter that can be enjoyed by everyone. Today, our wine is being enjoyed by people from all around Asia, particularly in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and many more.


Our Vision

To be Asia's most loved blueberry wine


Our Mission

We delight our customers by

crafting premium blueberry wines that express the individuality of our winery and vineyards


Our Values

Quality . Integrity . Fun

Commitment . Responsibility

   Premium Blueberry Wine   

Vintas Reserve is proud to be the exclusive Asia-Pacific distributor of Vintas Sapphire, a premium blueberry wine that is highly sought after. Our delectable blueberry wine is available in very limited supplies worldwide and we are elated to bring you  the rare opportunity to taste the dream.


Our organic blueberries are handpicked from wild blueberry farms within the Midwestern United States. Only the finest blueberries are carefully chosen to be crafted into our blueberry wine because our greatest goal is for you to savour blueberry wine of the highest quality.


*No grapes are used in the making of our blueberry wine.


We are fervent believers in synergy, constantly striving to bring both old and new worlds together to create extraordinary wines. By tapping into the knowledge of our over 90-year-old winery while pushing the frontiers of technology, our winemakers have created Vintas Sapphire, a vibrant and truly exquisite blueberry wine. 

The taste of our blueberry wine is unique in that it carries the bold foundations of red wine, yet the tantalising hints of light-bodied white wines are not lost. With its straightforward yet multi-faceted flavour, our blueberry wine opens up numerous doors for culinary and food mixing possibilities.

   Art of Winemaking   

Winemaking is an art. And for our winemaking team with over 90 years of experience, it is also a passion. Vintas Sapphire is testament to us being world leaders in wine production techniques, as a distinct blueberry wine with an outstanding taste.


To begin, only blueberries go into our blueberry wine and not a single grape. In addition, we stringently select only the highest grade of organic crops to ensure that every drop of Vintas Sapphire is a sweet experience. After harvesting the best blueberries, all loose leaves and branches are meticulously removed by hand before the fruits are transported directly into the crusher. The pulp (or “must) is then brought to another area and sealed, bringing the pulp to the fermentation stage.


Vintas Sapphire is a wine with great potential - the taste of our blueberry wine will continue to improve inside the bottle as the wine ages

We do not use any heating element to speed up the fermentation process so as to avoid weakening the flavour of the wine. The crushed pulp – made of pure wild blueberries – is sealed for nearly two years and left to ferment under low temperatures. The temperature is monitored daily over the entire period to maintain it at a constant optimum, which is extremely important and usually overlooked by other winemakers. This is because the temperature of the pulp during alcoholic fermentation affects the levels of alcohol produced, the flavour and colour of the wine (which is naturally produced from the skins of the fruits). With our years of experience, we are able to achieve a perfect harmony between the fruits and the yeast cells and to bring out the best taste in blueberries. 

After almost two years, the pulp is unsealed, revealing a deep purple colour. Thereafter, the wine is distilled and left to mature. At maturity, the wine is bottled and ready to delight taste buds around the world.

Wine Information

Region: Michigan, USA

Wine Type: Blueberry

Alcohol: 11%

Capacity: 750ml

Colour: Purplish Red

Best Served: Chilled

Pairing: Poultry, Pork, Seafood, Dessert

Tasting Notes

Vintas Sapphire is a blueberry wine crafted with only the most superior of blueberries to create an unforgettable and delectable taste. To ensure that, we use only the finest organic wild blueberries, hand-picked to retain their natural flavours.


The taste of our blueberry wine is unique in that it carries both the bold foundations of red wine and the tantalising hints of light-bodied white wine. This multi-faceted flavour opens up numerous culinary doors. Each bottle of Vintas Sapphire carries dense aromas of baked pomegranates, cranberries, blueberries, cinnamon bark and clove; reminiscent of sangria with a supple, soft, fruity medium-body and a gentle honeyed blueberry finish.


It is a complex, fresh and aromatic wine with abundant food pairing possibilities. Vintas Sapphire pairs well with fish, poultry, lamb, pork, cheese and dessert.

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